The routing number for Citizens Guaranty Bank is 42101475.

Citizens Guaranty Bank is located at this address: P.O. Box 630, Irvine, Kentucky.

In case of mail delivery, this is the full address you should use:

Citizens Guaranty Bank
P.O. Box 630

To contact Citizens Guaranty Bank by phone, call: (606) 723-2139

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Citizens Guaranty Bank Check example * Sometimes the routing number is written after the account number and not before.

Routing Numbers General Information

Routing number is a 9 digit number given to a bank by the ABA (American Bankers Association) in order to recognize the bank for which payment is being sent to.

Routing numbers are often called ABA numbers, Check routing numbers, or Routing transit numbers (RTN).

Routing numbers change from bank to bank and from one bank location to another, there are also different routing numbers for different transactions.

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